Topics>>Marion Bauer, Vueling, Presentation: Understand the impact of analytics and mobile for airlines, airports, trains and transport suppliers

Marion Bauer, Vueling, Presentation: Understand the impact of analytics and mobile for airlines, airports, trains and transport suppliers



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Tue, 10 Mar 2015|

Marion Bauer discusses Vueling in a nutshell, their mobile journey and how to empower their clients through mobile channels.


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And ole American Bauer and the yen and comers direct ad dwelling. For those who Don know where's. Where lean and is there's Spanish look scarier. We do have their hybrid might only be cares. We are low cost in terms of operations. But we also for our products and services. Premium products and services. As woody 5% other passengers are business best Andrews we do offer access to some VAP lunch rooms. End Dow we do have to whom. Today guilty programs in that flexible fares add 50% of our bookings are told through and direct channels. We flying it. So business horrible to present this after Ryanair but. OK so we fly LL read more in less than America now deadly. And we're quite proud of what we do so we do we do have to may have swung back then one rounds since spots here. Or we will am. Derek more than 25 million passengers it's here at about 150 destinations. Ender Miami in charge of the direct sales so that means valid charge with Ira our 50% our sales. Air and passengers of the company and we have give up our presence in mobile since 2010. Week when we had our first at plants for buyers of then they and to have at its hazard and eleven for android so now it's about us glory in four years bet we have been at present in all about. For a foreign my company five of man more than five passenger areas and come into its flight from the or more about. Reservation. Which means that more than 3% of our revenue active from a bank channels and with my mouth and talking all about bar back not Abbott's. Ten more than 10% at chickens are done for our mobile application. How we do also have heard many dot swelling as fight that as our website is not responsive and we have chosen to do. Made. Web. At what and web will now. A version of our virus acts like. And in. If you if we think about now our customer perspective where we Arab or more about with mobile and we want to be. You need to step for us there is a reservation but also on his journey. Am ends youth I absent these bond difference. Sorry on dear friends or spur spiders. How would like to share with is side of things that we have done in innovation and convert announces Asia Macs sell. Engage men customer experience. End badly and personalisation sailed. What we have done is serve the work with that care will have a relationship innovation into those different directions festival. We decided to innovate to testing so as an example we have demands. You could add you have your boarding that's gone on bird on the wire technical also take the sexes Soviet flights. It has been funny it's something that we do as. Either have a son today because wanted to days of development. N is something completely out of the box with a just shoes and big things that we find at a interesting attractive disrupted see what happens in what. Kanga that I we can get from their. Another way that we evade our apps is also adding new features a week as we see them metrics we as an example for these days. A week we know that there is a lot of friction on our power Annan had payment page our. It's it's also happening aren't on the backside but maybe on or about it's it's. It's the frictions is higher because people are not selling plight of the thriller about correct now. So what we have to decide whether we decided is that we were going to add anything he gave C ad technology to land varied applications. We also decided to do fluff war four Angola's. At a tidy. As solutions so people can pay oracle shares down there are add dad does for the credit card and for fear all the information required to do the booking. Without even having to be stopped. About and and and full feel the information by using the screen which normally. Jack leaves them into a lot of errors in terms of sale which is there was simple word end value and until now has been the most important barrier after flopping and I think that we are beyond what the the only company. That ad shows there three fairest fora each week consists of people. Our clients can compare fares we also added to their information related to. As security do you related on the suits so maybe we cared. Pushed them to the next step up their priorities India. We also added as set of other ancillary areas lag chairman. Hot helping clients to our booking process. End. Maybe we'll talk later about three flights for which there has been a productive loved. Because of RB of the mobility. In terms of engagement we have but we do have to loyalty program one which is our loyalty program call contain that we integrate also. Failures for Liberia close down a bad ass. Is religious affect a 45% of our clients are current. Business travellers and will want to add redeemed into regulator. Vice buyer they are travelling with us. How would we also have a single. Login. And Vermeer they flock men's and debated tonight whaling which is our accounts. Allow ways to juju crests device experience. As so if you have a former serves on the web site once again to the gap you get back you get until last steps back. All your reservation side applauded from one channel to the other. If it's intensified within Europe. My violin get email account to. And burn earned both Hughes said is finally a personalised information. Black African flyer. A frequent traveller you can download them who have am and have their access to ban. While introducing that as during the booking process so you can for feel information easier. End in this way we have. 83 is that the convergence of the dad at that of the dad have aids. And we. Interns sun fire customer experience I would like to sell our way on the stage where. We do have premium services we do have a premium currently at premium is certain category of clients that don't need to be part of African fighter program. But it's a service that the other folks who are most African flyer is. Some of the witnesses and with this status they cared. Have a direct act access sent prairie T. Access to to each flight and they also have access to fast tracking back fillon now entered the VIP lounge. So they download that hard unveiled as well Bora into the gap air and they can show it and its use of it wherever they need it. Our Ford lead claim does traps and self management that would like to assure you that your example means that we are working out how bad are already live. It'll be definitely part about developments in 2015. But it's the way to empower clients. Which we've operation on the earnings is fractions fine operational disruptions happen. And ambient personalisation and I feel sorry sorry at the end of this month's salary Dylan show you personalisation. Andean obvious non. And it will have a very clear and the whole of both apps verso plans so you can access early applications. As and annulled I don't Tora lobbying clients. But if you could fall a surge will find it back on the gap as your alas search and that will be the first thing you can do. Am. If you have a reservation and then once excess the gap if you will be. Director of the next steps so you will be. Am directed to take huge horror to fight said he's ever fly to end this way wheat is we is there thrusters on the flying with us. So I would like to talk a little bit more worried. I'm sorry about us and we have been talking ended blocking a lot of the part of sales and planning. And now we have heard during the last six months deadlock much more. Big get men's and the protection of our passengers. Empowering them to do something. Good to band together encounter with us. Eight days as an example of problems problem is that. Whereas add disruptions something that we try not to happen so that's but it happens. So am a few months ago bad you ged clean now end you have to access the desktop to make the change. Bank now we said it cements that was the seminar and prospective case and access to a landing. Where you get the gallery you know what's going and what's happening with Europe your flights. So these Allah I'm sorry for the suspended because no power we're always there weren't able to replicate that problem with made in the shots struck. So I bring in its Spanish. And to Brazil. You give that gallery. Kenya here we get back. You know that your flight has them if there's there's a change on your flight NO we offer you to absence. The first such term is am. You don't wanna fly with that's because the change we are afraid you. Residences during needs that so you just adding one clue particularly as foreign that's thanks. Bigger we've found the cancellation gets to your Akron can only get refunded and something like seven days. Thin to some three change we offer you is interesting for you then what's the you can ask is just by one click come and the change. Once include aloe confident had done your. You get a confirmation page Europe the status of your new flight beds or updated on the section of your reservation and N audience seriously you had boards for that flights. Not perceived because we're not so we can matter but the rest. Travelled with you can say you get a look at Europe confirmation booking. That in just one click and one went second. The second song about products that sell we have deadlocked for more now at only ends. Is so bring your flight fort sill and they ensue before that we have three different types affair one is the basics that. And the second and third our flexible fares. Mood the does fail that fought back up nine excellence excellence as our business class is the first bell you have a once at a closely you and you have as different answer them different is terms editor that and the other team that is. You can't stand pursuits. Yeah laggards. But also there at some flexibility which is to bring your flight for work. Until we do flood this project for. For the lapse for the Smartphones. Plans need to go to the airport so if you heard. Finished omitting. And an earlier end users hear bad there's a frequency of flight four acres before. And you wanted to take this point you have to gods they're quite go to lead their tickets firm desk and asked for the change. Now is assume judges didn't do adds up front the up for sale there is bring a flight forward sexually. Which has not highlighted salary. Am you get your reservation seven N uses either flights that are eligible. OK soul the one available just click on the available but turn and you get a new confirmation only of due from the other. Our flights is this why. Ends that's a solution to are our business passengers but had a lot of skin and wear this. What we have seen his ads since they have plants of this service sir I think in November. The added into the apt enough there has been growing our people finally and spreads have really added value service. Neared we will keep Carlin developing this projects and with worry turns. And that hopefully in more are very as a result but other products. So two hours a ballot is is a reality. And we do have our mid term aren't here all the ads so we know what clients very do. We also exhibit with our ad business intelligence software so we know will be more aware what product and service would be helpful for our clients with deadlock idealist. Thinking on mobile first. It's an early stage but I think that we're going through that direction. Let's its. If or to do well. But disruptions we'll call had a but what made you there. You mentioned you know really over by. Far the. Odwalla Odwalla. What you what are you trying to hugely increased their OK. Doctor. So we do two things one is certain related to the experience we tried to go faster growth in. Win hands of. Earth. Times in response of the ads and what's the well being mobile web. We stand allows traffic to our mobile web because we we invest it strongly in search engine. And so we have a lot of access to aids. And also all our external do campaign emails but just like brand outward gap 50% or by email is now open despite one. So technically that's one thing Barry important in since we have tallied but several changes on the cold we have seen. Times this poll is going down down and conversion rate going higher. So I think it's not maybe add some market areas not the sexiest warned that it can talk about the definitely make a huge difference. The second one is that we are pushing hard power adds that clients know that we do have lapsed. How we're trying to have and this deal. At strategy for downloading the outs. Each time the clients to put chains and end though we tried to adds new features and new technology is that our ads natives to. Source clients' problems as it gets seared. We're trying to did not fear is that our. Have the senses is more about who will lead irons to go to more by first instead of going into the house sales deya's Tora Bora collection desk. Idea project. Anti actually go one way you intense violence is really does work pretty well all. Or is there anything else of the flooded. Into. Yes people could look at here but I'm Sarah right now but the only Elliott definitely it's. Now as Arab region. I want what you want me metrics you huge. Use of the ones did you post. We've. One dollar cover girl has aids now more or less. Of their next expected to have on the final how many people worried that. No Kindle Q leaving without. We're living without. Or sell. We don't look what we have. Both third. Early booking perhaps that is very similar to their website but medical pressure rates Clifford. But we do have a so so I want to say that there is any key PI in terms of sale though is very different. Of the factors Vedeno did during his or her last four years would we have seen is that the share of clients' performing search. Has been decreasing in favour of clients. How big an act says war checking their reservation and their flights they choose and more engagement. K. So we keep track of that changed plan because we have invest a lot of time and development. I'm trying to enhance the product. Q does just that insiders. So we keep an eye on it and cheerio dad but checking as an example is growing. There's a good user flights thirds loses you know they'd go those doing amazing things through Google now to key state to send disruptions. Give balance to clients related to that silver just want to be very fast want to inform your bed was going on with its trip without student big Google. So now we are worded blocking and other things related to that. End intent or figure eight of quarries that having an idea on how mainly active users need to have because it's not about having a lot of downloads is still there aren't using the application. It's something we're. Yeah who have us in. With a huge block of the our live to say that I know Lloyds had hid bad saying yeah definitely mean. Additionally there's something going on when where bulls this year with apple launching their watch. Layers. It now would be lying if I would say that were not trying to double something around that. Near. You can see how many people are interesting ads and you feel then also a BL Thurman and than bracelets said to have people have. I guess that's. I mean. Ideas that we can't we with Don know really how it's going to work but we know their people are going to use it up we don't have a lot of the spike which used. It with just did a fine of doing something like their hackers turn into celebrate but weak in. And maybe did not something in today's and see what happens but definitely follow marketers there would be a lot of information. A lot of debt out. That come with the question is are we prepare for big tata. Our how we're doing here right now with the small that haven't already have. And where rebels we're ad alliance with ads and sometimes it's just think of the market yet. Am I going to be able to use it on on. On the way to differentiate my my my product will increase lies else so Beverly down here to state but I don't know how we'll aspect for this year. Now because originally. An out of the event I'm.