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Use Social Media to Create Excellent Customer Experiences and Loyalty that will Differentiate your Brand from the Competition



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Wed, 25 Feb 2015|

Andy Chang, Director of Digital Marketing, Asia Pacific of Hyatt Hotels, presentation explorse examples of how to create excellent customer experiences that leads to genuine loyalty in the age of social media.


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I think you hair and good afternoon everybody higher and merely chain a look at Europe is a marketing e-commerce and social media for high yet in the region. We roll out of our conversions and commerce today now like to take a break in that she switched to clear. Our top lots on Spain are hordes to. The company which has clear. And you know how we actually implement that in the age of social media. But before I talk about here actually later title will see around their. We'll see loyalty programs. I think knows the market does in this room. But how will go to programs saying an often they think of that as the engine war oilseed. Our but there's actually a very clear difference. I should say that higher actually suffer some the same problem. We've all these years still others have then of getting keyboards to actually. Around the experience that they want to read you actually now loyal member oil nada the eap unless you have spent one money with as. Up an impact will see is about giving the experience that you want first and then you become loyal to that cerberus up provider. Loyalty program as I understand is very much about behavioural economics. Giving people the transaction would give you become Europe and buy more. I can tell you been an American. The American Airlines which under the eap member NI and not loyal to them because I really don't like fine with them. Cathay Pacific on the other hand. Great loyalty program red but they also true you better. So isn't just got transactions that are. Human relationships. Any notions how does that brand make you feel to bring you closer to them. So as I mentioned. Would you programs now there's a very transactions Lebanon can modest sized I think earlier there was a question. You know is in the deals driven by someone else comes to table with a better deal don't just switch I think a lot of people do. But real loyalty is about something that's very genuine. Something very sustainable. You can take. The deals away embarrassed sometimes you can increase crisis and people still stay with Q if you deliver a service that customers not. And ultimately is by rob meaning you have a good experience. You don't tell your friends about it. So high is currently revisiting its loyalty program. To see we gonna show lavish stained side they did a Chu discoverer and insist they were people whine. And deliver about two of them have time. It's under research that we've done we've our inter intra view customers earth hour menu loyalty programs. There's political remember as a member of our program but also. Our customers are yeah I which is so well known Al thawra Sokol may company in the US. And here's a quote nothing beats the Irish shopping experience. Paying top dollar as a smart as much when you have interested in knowledgeable staff whose primary goal is to digital outdoor Esmat self. N new nurses feedback and the will to program are you guys dividend is a nice little bonus not necessary but nice. It makes me want to spend money here like I'm getting something extra you know it's money guys that. So I think that helps reinforce the point and ideas I illustration. Nashville a lot of research groups with our guests. Around the world will proceed. You'll if you want that bids if that experience that makes you more loyal on the brink you possibly brown with a sell applied. So where does highlight the key words. People say please know me. Respectively. Surprise me. Welcome the it and care for me. There's last gentleman on the right actually interesting you had a much longer quell the talk about how the brand trickier Graham. Like his wife curious for him. But we actually some Bernard so tried shoot. Our distill that down to three point so we can actually information through social media. One as was seven whiners surprise underway. And another whiners anticipate. Barrack. Malicious and true get stories ever. I think a lot of Oly Greece in the ocean overdose us right aghast when I'm expecting like a collective mark. Hope. True story so just wrote sugar high Ben Clarke. I she's actually moving into the country for the first time shouldn't have and partner so she's staying at the hotel for a few days. And she has a huge Ryan osment and so she saying the grand Hyatt. Air everywhere she travels to share actually rates a general manager said. I don't know right Barcelona Spain look hotel be huge this year's can you please arrange community. Back with two whether home so. She wrote sue GM will really help won't anxiety selling down to new country if I could have the actor Ryan Aslan winning. In my room for me when I arrived in you'll know who Ryan Barcelona's. He's spreading merger closes Spain we have humans have dean heads off. I don't Craxi of every time. So aren't enormous hotels all the get their side there's some kind of jerk changes no way we share guess information privacy protection. Aren't but sometimes are iPod sales actually be a good humour people visible as an opportunity do something find an interesting. And this has actually whether hotels capitalise and her home. And so our when she Chen Jen there was nothing special all. But a minute later we're not gonna door campaigning actually deliver welcome drinks whether Carlyle blind Aslan. And she was so it's added so happy. And that she actually robust. These guys toll we did our Radisson special has worked in San Francisco so I as a measure should at this bed every single hotel should travel still bear so apparently. That isn't there something for curtailing their beating everyone by a wide unfortunately. I counted all the right along with minutes are probably going to cutting has had off. Ended those hands didn't degrade picture of how am. If you actually grew orders year old is actually trouble while off. But a dose worth a cut have a better parent who had better reflection burned to visit Zurich research Wayne and should've pictures so ride Astros hat in the we're version travels turnout so. And on track and hope to offer and but once and awhile district cakes are going to see which is up to single plane birds either interesting waded. But what we hear an iPod sell actually an everyday and so there's a kind of experience that we wants to now sort of take answered the digital space and social media. Aren't announced an Indian you know consumers now show brand experiences that every point of the journey. Not just a bit and have to do hotel stays third window exploring mineral research showing comparing. We are always exchanging ideas information with appearance. So I don't brands are actually very afraid and so were have lost control of our brand and we do have put that. A agencies come into you've lost control of the brand higher rice and we'll help you fix that problem. Around our isn't entirely true arm. Brands are still a but in charge of experience. So that's you know once the customer comes to how do you actually do all of that they did deliver the best experience accounts of them. In our social media. Aren't too both negative and positive comments so I'll show you some examples where players doing now. We have a service cos I can't see Irish arm and aren't we monitor required of the conversations and social media arm Twitter. Three spoke disagree now more than a public ones. Our plus we Chad yeah and China. Or I should say there's a concierge service or you can chap let's. Ill and this is happening 24/7. Around the world off. Our peers liquid your hands how many brands you actually monitor conversations about their brand around the clock. OK disappearing yeah is very difficult to do amended walls out they're a bit expensive. But I think quite a bit about sort of been able to. We dollar in real time and find an adequate response very quickly. We have first full class interests are around the world monitoring data so that in a is always stay alive somewhere in the world. Omaha Nebraska Germany in. Another Asha alert air laws recently Chris and China which has revellers a rate outside Shanghai. And these are some of the things that we need to do right top dollar selling and there's some of the surprise and the right things that we do. So an example. Again real story. Twitter user checked in on four square at Hyatt regency Scottsdale Arizona is Serbs want poolside well if I gather. So we actually think double Aldous tweet. Right away air we sent out a welcome message. Hope you enjoy your stay at the high readers discuss sale if you need anything feel free to tweet me. Am a thing instantly we got a surprise Aaron surprising until like fall reaction France practical gets. I definitely well wait to see a closely monitor how about a most need to happen. Insurer to show how one for you shortly now what happens behind the scene is our guys on the high should fix of the barrel concept holds our. Where and said hey you know do you have again spiders nephews minor port right now be greatly concern him in the future. Operationally the system nightmare names so how. So where actually. Working on ways to improve there's any eventually put this in the hands of these hotels and said the central in antibody that. Baird's. Through the powers of the operations thing we managed to get a multi tone into the hands of the guys. In 38 Meretz and the Dow were so happy he took a further even said the power of social media you have all things Q. And sometimes when you actually at the hotel will begin get a drink and thirty year menace but how. If you tweed around social media might get a faster response sometimes. Armed. Birds. That was. In extraordinary it's exam on and there's something that's more common happens. We opened. I'm does talk to your not too long ago but it's a fabulous a spell. So to cloak and my company due regarded Tokyo check out numbers Tokyo. Aunt and keep a lot of share photos from. And I just a hotel book look like rock properties and Vista something we do regular who now. Are we engage about fifteen to 20% of the post actually about the hotel. To weekend possibly engage with everything but would pick and wines that it makes sense for us to join the conversation. We just welcomed and we thank them. In this case preview effective sharing have a great state had understood cured Rama helps. Yeah and so we need a point shoe really crystallise end to have a socialist signed a so it doesn't look like it came from a machine. And we also acknowledge and recognise great user generated content we retreat on the savings about federer's. Our from our park I don't. So dirt wanna be left is on the moral beliefs. Answer would have but we get a lot of further strum und gas and then. We I'd just say things like the Susan Russell chose islands cape. And bed at her hard. A courtesy of the user and you can see the user actually responded. Them or that the below as a one way Forrester strike individual with phone. Airlines. In a high at that the other day they actually you know credit deadline for a cause that. Anyone on the rise it is an anti apple from Taipei Tokyo on. Errands. And began another user fu to perform well. Announce. We nationally have arm also uses us opportunity promote summer global campaign to consider hash tag on the bottom. Our my likes worse which is something we're trying to promote now I so we want people to associate these experiences from park higher. As things under luxury dealers I think abuser your bucket list that you have to cross off. Where she running a campaign the moment so if you're interested you can go to our mailbox was that high that Asia. Only if you can towers were tie your treeless user proper hashed out you may have a chance to win a trip to a park Hyatt in Asia Pacific as well. I'm so all the great things that we've done Barlow. Actually is trying to show some real resource Intron serve how we rank in the mine serve at least initially analysts. Of all the global brands went by stiffed. Our pop high here there's actually the only hotel branded. In. T top ten but I just trim the bottom here. You can see that high near an actual lead doesn't have as many followers on Twitter. Alright some for his vote all of views. Birds will will really really good is actually now applied time I. So hotel brands averages twenty hour session high averages 36 hours so huge we something directly better system meant for a us. We get to that ride away. Yeah. Injuries number Twitter base of these of the Wellcome messages that I showed you. Anybody can earn four seasons in the room portal in I'd. These are facts I don't mean to embarrass anybody but I has actually tweeting of course a 300 now. Our world be other airlines are putting a lot less than these were pulling out and welcoming people a lot more. I've asked the is that we treat all people retreat guests ass there steering a La the Obama tells Brent. As a man if you see something they'd have a positive. We. Asses during the lightly of our hotels and we tried to get you rental. So that's what image maker. Nine so why would you answer alas neither as general manager of several towers aside. Other social things you know anyway how is supposed a couple of my revenue and really my number S. But it is a difficult question. Air and into which hopefully we are no bad better customer satisfaction. Pleased to preference. Which leads to. Customers willing to pay more austere would you more often a political loyalty. But it was able suit what added looking around what are they were able to actually find data provider backward professor Doug what about. And they actually say that 1% entries in reputation leads to action one point 4%. Increase in rough pot. Passengers an example. Our if you have our our scorer on the sale 100 could be review pro or something like triple buys are. Eagle for ozone Newsom ceremony paid with about point 20300. Remains. There's Ashley as a too substantial increase in revenue per year for doing this well. I'll now we're during internal year's national lead. Separating a segmenting those customers will formally actually looks for more service to engage to sort social media more. To see actually the starch away ink are hotels higher than those we have been engaged in a merger pride are right in this area. N war sort of a lot of things about again entered high social profile behaviours and review some public posts. To a traditional CRM systems. Solar systems Asheville familiar to most marketers in this room birds what's really exciting and another was horrible and scary peers do social for buyers behaviours and while the public Posen actually had a handle on that. Arm but the way we look at dollar verses. Our everybody knows customer lifetime doubt you'd calculate that based on transactions again that's the traditional way of looking loyalty programs. But we actually look at a longer time. Future of loyalty. We actually. Saw look at those keys which is quite exciting the customer social advocacy value. We create an experience for them. Emanate hark favourably by a black and commentary why a Boeing's at your weapon so. Which until the gap will be considered at a value of the customer. Iger mentioned power delivering more detail today have customer support has not easily. As a dozen was organisations and social media marketing customer service actually true separate departments. If not more. In and our Brian Solis who is our principal oil had do you not on the group actually. Nu as a great green book on those when he talks about this experience gap. Moore's organisations fail to below wrote the customer first day. But they experience that social customers wine. It closed up as the gap between customer service and social media as a man pursued using social media for marketing purposes I think. We hope alive today about we're sorry of social Hong convergence of drives. We actually see as a clear channel and were really trying to bring these two different disciplines together. But we understand that together we need to put a few few things in place while there's actually real time video monitoring I think we're doing backed bill will now. Immediate accept our other assessor bill would be. Not true listed. It also providing actually serve a staph when our Iberia was to a centrally managing everything out of the cost insurers that I identified. Bird very soon we're putting this into the hands of the hotels. So that they can actually respond even faster. And the next while we also have to work on the which history and powerline I employees to act quickly entry Tivoli. Special Indonesia I think while employees are very free to act. Independently. Under around. We're always afraid outing on the supervisor a common say Europe you're going out across as this is not the way is supposed to be. But as an organisation opening ourselves opportune to more of that creative. In proposition if you weren't when we see an opportunity to deliver real clear to the customers. And up gasoline. B killing and human. I think wider oil as a showed they haven't done the social media monitoring they have spent a while money handed out. But do we they would buy it should ensure that we guess I'll wrap their I think robotic a bit mechanical. Ended takes away from the human element out there said the quorum of social media. Sellers were planned show would you say and look forward to any questions may have painted. A.

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